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Curriculum vitae


Born 1955 Augsburg

1978 Technical College for Art & Design, Augsburg, Prof. Georg Bernhard,

Prof. Hilde Müller Spengler, Textile Design (Diploma)

1979-1980 Resindences abroad: Mexico, USA, Canada

1981-1984 Augsburg University, Italian and Art History

1989-1995 Academy of the Arts, Munich, Fine Art and Graphic Design (Diploma), Prof. Gerhard Berger

1996-1999 Academy of the Arts, Munich, Postgrad. Studies in Fine Art and Art Therapy,

Prof. Gertraud Schottenloher

1991 Scholarship of the City of Augsburg with Elvira Bach, Kloster Irsee

1991 Scholarship in Florence/Italy of the Italian Cultural Institute, Munich

and the Academy of the Arts, Munich

1992/94/97 Scholarship of Augsburg University

with Franz Hitzler, Carsten Nikolai, Andreas Bindl, Kloster Irsee

1995 Scholarship with the Art Institute 'Raskolnikov', Dresden

1998-1999 Cultural Foundation Bavaria Scholarship of the Bavarian Ministry of Research,


Science and Culture

1998 Prinzregent-Luitpold Foundation, Munich

2000/2001 Scholarship of the City of Aichach, Art Residency at Wasserschloss Unterwittelsbach

2011 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Art Residency, Amherst, Virginia, USA,



1995 Fine Arts Award, City of Wertingen

1998 Magnus-Remy Arts Award, Kloster Irsee

1999 Fine Arts Award, Volksbank Raiffeisenbank, Aichach

2002 Fine Arts Award, Ecke Gallery, Augsburg

2003 The Public's Arts Award, City of Wertingen

2005 Fine Arts Award, City of Krumbach

2009 Material Prize, BBK Schwaben-Nord, Augsburg

2011 Fine Arts Award, Ecke Gallery, Augsburg



since 1982 Member of the Professional Organisation of Fine Artists, BBK Schwaben Nord

since 1992 Member of the Artists Association Augsburg, „Die Ecke“

since 2004 Member of DFKGT professional Association of Art and Design Therapy

since 2007 Member of Artist Association „Neue Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft“

Since 1987, numerous participations in exhibitions in Germany and abroad